Doing It Differently Blog Carnival, 16th Edition

Welcome to the 16th edition of the Doing it Differently Blog Carnival!

This carnival is dedicated to the concept of stepping outside of the box and living our lives in ways beyond the “norm”!

Whether you want to learn unique ways to think or act differently, or if you want to share your own unique ideas, this carnival is for you!

There will be a new edition of the carnival posted every month, on or around the 15th . You can click here to learn more, or click here to submit a post for the next edition, which will be posted on March 15, 2008.

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Personal Growth

SlowDownFastIf You Don’t Assume Responsibility, Who Will?

Frederic Patenaude TalksThe Power of Rituals: How to Build Positive, Energizing Daily Rituals

Stephen MartileHow to Change Your Beliefs with Praxis, Part 1

Gratitude MagicWhy Our New Year’s Resolutions Fail

Personal Growth with Corinne EdwardsHillary and Your Soft Underbelly

I will change your LifeWhat Are You Doing That’s Different?

Self Help BlogProcrastination Case Study

Enhance LifeIf You Want To Be Understood…

Personal Hack9 Smart Perseverance Tips

Bootstrapper17 Ways to Stop Being a Perfectionist and Get More Done

Law of Attraction for BeginnersWaking Up Without An Alarm Clock

Never the Same River TwiceWeekend SmallChange: Listen to Deliriously Happy Music

We The ChangeTop 31 Motivation Hacks


Cyberca$hologyCostanza Success Principles

Copywriting Tips for Your BusinessSaying Thanks…

Money Blue BookHow To Earn Free Airline Miles With Credit Cards

Miss Copy’s BlogHow To Kick Writers’ Block

Stephen Dean’s BlogDeciphering Cosmopolitan Magazines

Personal Development by INTJWhy You Should Be Careful When Your Business Is Going Well

Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental WastebasketWorking for Perks and Benefits—Revised for 2008

FYI About.comSell Your House And Rent It Back: Avoid Foreclosure

The Michel Fortin BlogGive Your Joint-Venture Offer An Extra Punch


The Next 45 YearsHow to Love Consciously

dotGirlfriend10 Best Chick Flicks for a Sexy Movie Night

Schaefer’s BlogSay What You Need

Postcards from NowhereLove lets Go


Sharp BrainsMindfulness and Meditation in Schools for Stress Management

James D. BrauschYour Natural Genius

Learn a foreign language blogThe ultimate guide to successful language learning – Part one


Tupelo KenyonFinally the Truth About Diet – The China Study Review

Total WellbeingKangaroo Meat – Good For You AND the Environment

The Environment

BeThisWayGross and Not-So-Gross Ways to Save Water, and Money

Energies of CreationWhy I Don’t Burn Cars Anymore

That wraps up the 16th edition of the Doing it Differently Blog Carnival! Many thanks to all of our authors, and don’t forget to add this post to your favorite social bookmarking website!

The next edition will be posted on March 15, 2008, and the closing of this edition is also the official call for submissions for the next one! Get the inside scoop on what this carnival is all about and access the submission form as well by clicking right here.

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