Doing it Differently Blog Carnival, 1st Edition

Welcome to the very first edition of the Doing it Differently Blog Carnival!

This carnival is dedicated to the concept of stepping outside of the box and living our lives in ways beyond the “norm”!

Whether you want to learn unique ways to think or act differently, or if you want to share your own unique ideas, this carnival is for you!

There will be a new edition of the carnival posted every two weeks, on the 1st and the 15th of every month. You can click here to learn more, or click here to submit a post for the next edition, which will be posted on April 30, 2007.

Many thanks to all of the authors who brought us their Doing it Differently wisdom for this ground-breaking very first edition!

1) In her post Perfect Mess, Perfect Day, Karen Lynch of Live the Power reminds us that whether you are a neat freak or you thrive on clutter, both ways are the right way as long as you can be true to yourself and also keep things in perspective.

2)  Over at Sharp Brains, learn about alternative ways of dealing with stress that are outside of the commonly understood methods by reading the post I am a busy executive with a challenging job. How is brain fitness relevant to me?

3)  The post Creating a Culture of Productivity and Success at Verve Coaching brings home the fact that in order to maximize effectiveness, a culture of success – rather than just standard practices – will consistently produce better results for your organization.

4) At Fish Creek House – INNside Innkeeping, 3 success tips are written out in the post Time has Come Today. I especially liked the “Do it Now” tip because as the author points out, it eliminates “brain clutter” and the need for a to-do list.

5) In her post How to fake it until you make it, K-L Masina dishes on one of my favorite subjects, that of consciously creating our life experiences. She spells out the thought/feeling process and offers a real-life example of how she successfully used the process in her own life.

6) Praveen at My Simple Trading System gives us the inside scoop on a unique system of stock trading that he has come up with. In the post My Stock Trading System, concepts such as Zen and Tao are mixed with some financial advice for a one of a kind stock trading mentality.

7) In his post You Create Your Own Reality, Kevin Kinchen of Creative Power of Thought talks about our tendency to accept a view of the world that has been presented by other people, thus causing us to create our lives “by default” rather than deliberating creating our own unique world view.

8) Over at Campus Grotto Ted Reimers has a great list of ways for eating dirt cheap. Be sure to bring your appetite when you read Top 10 Cheap Foods/Drinks for the College Student.

9) What is more important – loving yourself or loving others? In her post Beloved – Part II, Joice of gives a great comparison along with a large list of ways to keep love in your life.

10) At Energies of Creation, Lexi Sundell brings us a story of remarkable beauty on earth while at the same time discussing ways of using her earthly journeys as a way to develop from the inside out as well. Check out An Unusual Way to Develop Intuition.

11) At the Actors And Acting Informational Blog we are given a candid look at the trials and tribulations of finding success in the acting business. Check out Acting – So You Want To Be A Movie Star? and decide for yourself if that lifestyle is as glamorous as many people think it is.

12) Conan Stevens brings us the post Getting Started – Get On Track Today, which discusses the common task of making a list and prioritizing, and also adds in uncommon concepts like planning your recreational time as well as your “work” time so that your relaxation time is just as effective as your work.

13) At Renovate Your Life with Craig, the post Do It Yourself Prison finds Craig Harper sharing some great wisdom about how we can get out of “the big house” by doing things differently and getting outside of our well-known comfort zones.

14) Are You Sure You Know What You Really Want? over at 360 Degree Success is a very telling piece that talks about the fact that many people are chasing dreams that are not even their own. After reading it, ask yourself honestly if you do the things that you do because YOU want to do them.

15) At Creating Abundant Lifestyles, Wanda Grindstaff brings us the post Be the Rhino, A Life of Purpose and Intention, which shares the wisdom that following your path – regardless of what everyone else is doing – is always the shortest route to success.

16) At The Digerati Life, common methods are mixed with seriously unusual ways to save money in the post Seriously Thrifty? Some Wild Ways To Save (Part 1).

17) The post Things To Do Once in a Life Time over at Live Your Inspiration points out the very real fact that each of us is living a lifetime right now – no matter how many lifetimes we believe we ha
ve – or don’t have – to live. Jane Chin discusses not just 3 things to do with that lifetime, but also talks about seeing the value behind doing those things.

18) Can you use your BRAIN to lose weight? You can if you know how to program it, which is exactly what is discussed over at The Fit Shack in the post How To Use Your Brain to Lose Weight.

That’s it for the very first edition of the Doing it Differently Blog Carnival!

Thank you once again to all of our authors, and thank YOU as well for showing your support by checking out the information that they all shared.

Don’t forget, the next edition will be posted on April 30th, and the closing of this edition is also the official call for submissions for the next one! Get the inside scoop on what this carnival is all about and access the submission form as well by clicking right here.

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