Doing it Differently Blog Carnival, 7th Edition

Welcome to the 7th edition of the Doing it Differently Blog Carnival!

This carnival is dedicated to the concept of stepping outside of the box and living our lives in ways beyond the “norm”!

Whether you want to learn unique ways to think or act differently, or if you want to share your own unique ideas, this carnival is for you!

There will be a new edition of the carnival posted every two weeks, on the 1st and the 15th of every month. You can click here to learn more, or click here to submit a post for the next edition, which will be posted on August 1, 2007.

This edition includes plenty of job/career-related info that has a lot of value, several mind-hack or point of view modifications to make your life a better place to be, and we’ve even got a different take on making money with Google AdSense, and a cool way to learn the Korean language. Enjoy!

1) Penelope – I love you! A woman truly after my own heart, Penelope Trunk of Brazen Careerist brings us a post that I strongly recommend that you read in order to get a dose of perspective, and to help you make some decisions about what is important to you. Be sure to check out Graduates. And how about a braided career?

2) Bucking some of the “traditional” wisdom about how to make money with Google AdSense, Chris Wondra’s post How this blog made $400 in its first month with AdSense . . . talks about how to maximize the traffic that you get, rather than simply trying to get more traffic.

3) In his post Making Time for the Important, Steve Pavlina gives some great advice about how part of your success is based on dealing with your own needs rather than just tending to your responsibilities and not taking care of yourself along the way.

4) Mike at Running UR Life has a GREAT post that invites you to remember that Life is what you are doing right now. The post includes plenty of excuses that people use to not get things done, and then he blows a hole in each one of them.

5) Arun’s post The Boomerang Effect is some quality content that basically teaches you some common sense – but not consistently used – methods of getting the most out of interacting with other people, which is a win/win situation on every level. Cool stuff that is definitely worth checking out.

6) Barb at Feels Like Magic brings us a Law of Attraction based post that is definitely outside of the norm in that she has found a way to take a state of mind that is normally negative – worry – and turn it into something positive. Check out her funny ant story in the post I’ll Give You Something To Worry About.

7) Samir’s post Moon-faced men and multi-layered amphibians not only gets props for having a unique title, but also for explaining a concept that is increasingly rare these days – being open-minded and interested in something even if it is outside of the norm.

8) Over at Ungeek It, Jeri Merrell brings us an unusual (but useful) analogy that also includes some cute humor. In the post Taking Yellowstone Back to Work, the mob psychology at a major tourist attraction is matched up with the similar psychology of marketing a business.

9) Tupelo Kenyon asks this question Work– Just a Job or Visible Love? The post is replete with great questions that you can ask yourself to see if you are following the herd, or if you are blazing your own trail.

10) Stephen Martile brings us the post How To Change Your Beliefs With Praxis, which teaches the fact that each of us can change and control our lives, and Stephen’s post talks about both internal and external ways to do exactly that. Good stuff.

11) If you’ve been choking on the standard way of learning Korean, SangAun of TipsKey has a method that seems to work better than the standard teachings of present day. It’s all Greek to me, but the post may help you with a new method of mastering the Korean language. Check it out at Common Expressions Translated Into Korean.

12) Tiara at EducateDeviate brings us a lengthy but very informative post about How To Get Involved With Your Passions. Lots of resources and ideas for going after what you want rather than sitting around waiting for it to come to you.

13) Despite your efforts to improve your life, are you sure you aren’t clinging so tightly to security that you are suffocating any chance to allow positive changes to come into your life? John Hill’s post Let Go and Trust is a worthwhile read if you are ready to try a new – and more effective – approach.

14) Fitbuff brings us the post I Can’t Stand My Stand Up Desk! which is actually a clever title for a post about standing – rather than sitting – when you do your computer work. There are some pretty good arguments for why to consider this out of the box idea. (p.s. – I say that as I type this while sitting on my exercise ball as I was advised to do during the last edition of the Doing it Differently carnival!).

15) In a world that seems bent on blaming everything from dishonesty to criminal behavior on ADD or ADHD, SharpBrains brings us a post that includes an interview with a doctor who has come up with a new way of dealing with this issue. Check it out at Working Memory Training from a pediatrician perspective, focused on attention deficits.

That’s it for the 7th edition of the Doing it Differently Blog Carnival!

Plenty of great stuff in this edition, and I’m glad to see that so many people are grabbing hold of the “Doing it Differently” mentality!

The next edition will be posted on August 1st, and the closing of this edition is also the official call for submissions for the next one! Get the inside scoop on what this carnival is all about and access the submission form as well by clicking right here.

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