Self Improvement and Law of Attraction Link Love, Volume 10

This is Volume 10 of the Self Improvement and Law of Attraction Link Love series.

This series will be published weekly and will be comprised of links to quality blog posts that have proven to be extraordinary in their ability to assist, inform, or empower the reader. Enjoy!

1) HELLO, my name is BLOG – Scott Ginsberg brings us more of his common sense wisdom with the post Make your best one your last one. Imagine how great life would be if everything you did was done with the attitude that you only had this ONE shot to do that thing in the best possible way?

2) Contemplate This – If you've been looking for an up to date list of websites that offer plenty of recent information about the Law of Attraction, look no further. Check out the post Law of Attraction Blogs for the complete scoop.

3)  Getting Your Music Out There – Mark Spivey is a musician composer who does a GREAT job of sorting out the difference between real and "make believe" in his post What's Wrong with 'American Idol'?. His message: YOU are in control of your destiny, regardless of what the rest of society may be telling you.

4) Sky Windows – One of the participants in the Simply Successful Secrets project put together what I consider to be one of the most no-nonsense guides to successful parenting that I ever seen. What does that have to do with self/personal development? Try being successful while your kids are running your life! Must read for parents or would-be parents: Simply Successful Secrets – Parenting.

5) The DO-Follow Movement – A lot of people don't know it, but many blogs prevent search engines from finding your blog or your website after you post a comment on their blog. It's called a no-follow reference, and it is a total outrage to people who participate in online discussions. A number of people (including Today is that Day) have banded together to start a DO-Follow Movement. Check out the details and some of the thought leaders at Essential Keystrokes, MomGadget, and Randa Clay Design.

6) Scott H. Young – Guest blogger Leo Babauta writes an excellent post called Do Less to Be More Productive in which he not only discusses the real value of quality over quantity, but he also puts forth a simple system that you can use to find and prioritize the tasks that are most worthy of your valuable time.

7) Success from the Nest – Regular readers of this blog will recognize Tony Clark's frequent wisdom, and 15 Minutes as Your Model of Success is no exception. Tony talks about how you can set yourself up for success by getting "inside the head" of a role model. I concur 100% and will also add that by so doing, you may actually redefine what you consider to be "success".

Blogs that have recently featured Today is that Day

Cardin Routh at the recently re-designed Optimist Lab has put together a powerful edition of the Carnival of Deliberate Creation. Many thanks for featuring my post, Cardin, and for your positive feedback as well!

Dr. Hal Sommerschield over at North Star Mental Fitness discusses the very cool concept of Ho'oponopono in his post Four Miraculous Phrases. Dr. Hal delivers a lot of great information about Ho'oponopono in a short period of time, and he references one of my recent posts, as well as some wisdom from Shama Hyder, who was recently interviewed here at Today is that Day.

That's it for this week! Thanks as always to all of our authors for their continuing efforts to keep us all informed, empowered, and entertained! 

p.s. – Don't forget – The very first edition of the Doing it Differently Blog Carnival will be up here at Today is that Day on Sunday, April 15th. I've received a ton of great submissions, so look forward to learning about some ways to handle your life that you might not otherwise have thought of!

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