Self Improvement and Law of Attraction Link Love, Volume 12

This is Volume 12 of the Self Improvement and Law of Attraction Link Love series.

This series will be published weekly and will be comprised of links to quality blog posts that have proven to be extraordinary in their ability to assist, inform, or empower the reader. Enjoy!

1) Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul – In the very appropriate context of “keeping it simple,” Hueina Su brings on guest blogger Kevin Gianni who teaches us the 10 Commandments of the Best Exercise and Weight Loss Programs.

2) LifeHackAdrian Savage has a great post called Has Your Fire Burned Low? which includes some great tips on bringing our desires back to a roaring flame, as well as a great bit at the end of the post that you don’t want to miss about what happens with fire.

3) Abundance Journal – Still having trouble deciding if the whole Law of Attraction thing works? Belle’s great post “It’s Not Working!” does a very effective job of addressing the common pitfalls that people experience, and what to do about them.

4) Optimist Lab – Cardin Routh has an incredible post called Keeping Your Precious Things Precious. She discusses how our feelings always tell us if we are on the right track or not, and also how we can achieve maximum success by listening to our own inner voice, rather than what other people tell us. Great wisdom!

5) Life Optimizer – Having trouble getting the job done? Donald Latumahina’s post What is the Key to Productivity? brings up the very real fact that many of us are too focused on things that are not mission critical – thus causing us to not always accomplish the mission!

6) Inspiring and Empowering Lives – Do you find yourself thinking that the grass is always greener on the other side? Take a peek at Jacklyn’s post Why Is It Important To Improve Your Self? and follow her great advice to stop saying, “If only…”

7) Coffee2Code – Not a personal development site, but if you use WordPress for your blog, make sure to grab the Customizable Post Listings plug-in. See that section down below that says “Random Great Posts from the Past”? That is the Customizable Post Listings plug-in in action!

 Blogs that have recently featured Today is that Day

MUCH gratitude to all of the following bloggers who shared the Link Love by telling others about posts here at Today is that Day!

Christy’s Coffee Break – I am truly grateful to Christy for picking Today is that Day for this edition of her Best of the Blogs positive blog review series. You rock, Christy!

Something Good – Lorna referenced the Today is that Day blog in a GREAT post that she put together called Creating and Using Affirmations. Awesome stuff, Lorna – and thanks!

Debra Moorehead – In her post Your Magic Wand, Debra packs a lot of information into a small space, including a list of motivational, educational, and inspirational sites that includes the Today is that Day blog. Thanks, Debra!

Abundance Tips – The web links section of the Abundance Tips site is a great (and growing) list of powerful places to visit on the web, and they were kind enough to list Today is that Day among the other click-worthy entries. Thanks a bunch for the Link Love as well as the great format of the list!

Live the Power – Karen has put together a very cool feature called Joy Links, and she referenced the recent Today is that Day post about affirmations. Ironically, I also mentioned her site in that post. Reciprocation of reciprocation? I love the blogosphere! Thanks a million, Karen! Love the Joy Links concept!

Blog Carnivals that have recently included Today is that Day posts:

Personal Development CarnivalsThe Urban Monk showed the post ‘The Agony of Victory: Personal Development Breaking Point’, and Balanced Life Center included ‘Personal Development Roadblock: Are you Specializing too Soon?’.

Law of Attraction Carnival – Edward at Evolving Times put out another great edition, and he featured the Today is that Day post ‘The Death of the Law of Attraction’.

Carnival of Powerful Living – Another information-packed edition hosted over at Verve Coaching which featured the post ‘You’re about to get hit.’.

Positive Mindset and Wealth Creation – The Women Internet Marketers site put together a huge list of posts about staying positive, making money, and achieving success! The Today is that Day post ‘No Rocket Science Required: Self Improvement Starts Now!’ was piled in with the rest of the quality knowledge included in that blog carnival.

That’s it for this week, and if that list doesn’t keep you busy learning and growing, then I don’t know what will! Thanks as always to the many bloggers who contributed their time, knowledge, and their generosity!

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