Self Improvement and Law of Attraction Link Love, Volume 18

This is Volume 18 of the Self Improvement and Law of Attraction Link Love series.

This series will be published weekly and will be comprised of links to quality blog posts that have proven to be extraordinary in their ability to assist, inform, or empower the reader. Enjoy!

It has been a very busy week here at Today is that Day, due largely to the massive success of the 10,000 Fists to Freedom Challenge, for which I am massively grateful to all of you who have done so very much to support that project.

I would like to start out this week's Link Love post with a quick shout-out to all of the bloggers who have helped spread the word by linking to the Challenge over the past few days:

MomGadget ~ The Tall Poppy ~ Be the Change – Tread the Path ~ Ordinary Folk ~ Steve Olson ~ Christy's Coffee Break ~ Evolving Times ~ Creating a Better Life via 17 Success Principles ~ Go Smell the Flowers ~ Dave Olson ~ Breathing Prosperity

More Gratitude to each of you than I can easily put into words, as well as to everyone else who Dugg, Stumbled, or High-Vibed the post, which resulted in so much traffic to my site that we collectively crashed the server. I love when that happens! p.s. – More server space is on the way, so you all will have to try harder to crash the server in the future! :) 

1) Travis Eneix - In one of those moments that makes you say "Wow, I can't believe I didn't think of that," Travis brings us the very cool post (and concept), If You Don’t Like It, Put It Back On The Rack.

2) The Personal MBA – Speaking of simple, it doesn't get much easier than JP Morgan’s Guaranteed Formula for Success. A needed reminder in today's world of more tools and systems than you can shake a stick at.

3) Escape from Cubicle Nation – In another moment of clarity that is worth internalizing, Pamela brings us the post Your "confusion" at making a big change is more likely fear of the truth. Highly recommended reading. Take your honesty with you when you click the link.

4) The Happiness Project – Gretchen takes us on a brief but very useful journey to de-cluttering our lives (thus, our minds) with her post Are you at risk for clutter mentality?

5) Craig Harper – With a concept that is just as applicable to mental/spiritual/professional development as it is to our level of health and physical fitness, Craig's post Living in the Age of Information Overload points out that we're drowning in knowledge, but many people aren't doing anything with it!

6) Shards of Consciousness – Rick points out a very enlightening fact in his post Someone is Always Looking. He is absolutely right, and you can seriously set yourself up for failure if you don't take his lesson to heart.

7) Pick the Brain – In a post that all but made me stand up and cheer when I first read it, John gives us some advice that you need to hear. In our information overloaded society, listen as John says Here’s a Tip: Start Thinking for Yourself.

8) Zen Habits – With a list of 10 sins that are worthy of being inscribed on stone tablets, be sure to read and recognize the truth in Leo's post Can You Spot These 10 Thinking Sins?

9) The Believe Factor – Via the post Tony Robbins Spoof. Ben Stiller doing his thing, I was incited to go to YouTube and get the full-size version of this hilarious video. Don't click unless you're prepared to laugh!  

Blogs that have featured Today is that Day: featured 'Happiness Quotient – What Blueprint Are You Creating?' as part of a list of 4 time-worthy posts to read.

Dave Olson invites us to wave goodbye to our excuses and he references the post 'Personal Development Protocol: What’s Holding You Back?' in the process.

SharpBrains has a list of several recent life-improving blog carnivals that includes the Today is that Day Doing it Differently Carnival.

Creating a Better Life – Lyman Reed also reviewed the book 'Life on Purpose' as I did, and he is keeping a running list of the blogs who have posted reviews on that book.

Blog Carnivals that have recently included posts from Today is that Day:

The 4th Edition of the Carnival of Life, Happiness & Meaning was hosted at Life Insurance Lowdown and included several great posts along with the Today is that Day post '5 Simple Methods for Banishing Negative people from your Life'.

That's it for this edition! Once again, much gratitude to everyone who has helped make the 10,000 Fists to Freedom Challenge such a success, and, as always, nev
er-ending gratitude to all of the talented authors who inspire this Link Love series, and the readers who make it all worthwhile!

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