How to Get High (Vibrations, that is!)

Do you think that maintaining a positive and upbeat state of mind is a key to success?

Actually, let me ask you this instead: Even if maintaining a positive and upbeat state of mind had nothing to do with success, isn't life just more fun that way??

Personally, I believe that keeping a positive attitude is one of the primary keys to success, and for Law of Attraction believers, this is known as having a "high vibration".

The higher your vibration is, the more you will attract circumstances into your life that will allow you to continue to have a high vibration.

You can even break this down to a personal level. Whenever you are feeling bored, lethargic, sad, or just generally "blah," do you tend to attract people who are energetic and full of life? Probably not.

I see keeping a high vibration as not only one of the top secrets to success, but more importantly, it is an enjoyable way to go through life!

We will all certainly have circumstances thrown at us that are not all sugar and spice and everything nice, so having the ability to maintain a positive, highly-charged vibration is a skill that I see as necessary for a happy life, not just recommended.

Cardin Routh over at Optimist Lab put together a group writing project based on the concept of learning how to keep a high vibration by asking around the blogosphere about how other people do it.

Hats off to Cardin for coming up with such a great idea. She even added value to it by asking people to list 5 positive vibe blog posts, and then adding those posts to the High Vibe It website. Considering the Today is that Day Link Love series, I had no trouble coming up with 5 great posts to share. Those posts are also listed below for you to check out.

Cardin also asked each of the bloggers to list the Top 5 things that they do in order to raise their vibrations, and I highly encourage you to check out her list of present participants in order to see some of the cool vibration-raising habits that people have.

However, here at Today is that Day, I am only going to list 1 habit. Not because I don't see the value in learning about dozens of great habits, but because I only use one.

I Remember.

I have been studying the Law of Attraction along with similar and complimentary self improvement habits such as deliberate and conscious creation for a long time now, and quite frankly, I'm sold.

I don't need to see any more movies, read any more books, or get beat over the head with any more propaganda in order for me to believe that I am utterly and completely in charge of how I feel, and the fact that I how I feel from moment to moment creates my life.

So, if I feel dull, listless, unmotivated, and just generally uninterested in life, then I will have a dull, listless, unmotivated and generally uninteresting life.

On the other hand, if I realize that every single moment is a chance for me to sit up straight, consciously realize my state of mind, and make any adjustments necessary, then I end up with a life full of consciously created moments.

Now, I can't speak for you, but personally, I am not going to say, "Hmmmm…I think I'll decide to feel like crap right now," or "I'm sick of being happy, let me conjure up some feelings of despair, loss, and loneliness. Yeah, that's the ticket!".  

Sorry – ain't gonna happen!

When you come to realize that literally every single second of your life is a chance for you to manufacture happiness, love, and fulfillment from the inside out, life does a funny thing; it starts manufacturing circumstances on the outside to match the feelings that you conjured up from the inside.

You can call that the Law of Attraction, you can call it luck, you can call it karma, you can even call it wishful thinking. I don't really care what you call it. It doesn't need a name.

It just is.

If I start to feel anything less than ecstatic about my life, all it takes for me to raise my vibrations is to remember that I am the only one who has the power to do that.

And then I just do it.  Smile

Some of my favorite high-vibe posts from the past:

Christine KaneYou Teach People How to Treat You – This entire post empowers me every time I read it, and nuggets such as "…you are accountable for living by your owner’s manual…" and "…this is a process, not an event…" are just icing on the cake.

Shards of ConsciousnessWhat will I do later? – A great reminder about living in the moment at ALL times, and truly enjoying it when you give yourself down time.

Brian KimWhy The Underdog Team Pulls Off The Upset – Brian's post includes the powerful truth that intense desire is the key to success and that no man or woman is an island.

Optimist LabWhat I Learned at the Taco Shack – A moving story from Cardin Routh that teaches the simple truth that happiness is where you make it! 

Steve OlsonThe Truth About Oprah Winfrey – The Secret – and Poverty -A great post that breaks down the difference between focusing on the positive vs. the negative, and includes this wonderful reminder quote: "When you feel trapped in poverty and hopelessness, changing the way you think is critical to escaping."  

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