3 Keys to Better Health with the Law of Attraction

When you consider the prospect of controlling your health with the power of your mind, do you scoff at such an idea, or do you think something more along the lines of it being a possibility, but you would like to have some proof?

Well, just like every other aspect of the human existence, it is your belief system that serves as the foundation for your results. For that reason, don’t even start considering the details of how such a thing is done if you are not even willing to consider it as a possibility.

It will help you to bridge the “doubt gap” by embracing the very real fact that every single thing that exists is made up of energy, including your body. The actual form that something takes is simply a matter of the speed at which that thing’s energy is vibrating.

So, in a universe that is made up of vibrating energy, learning to control those vibrations is the key to creating or destroying all things that are in your existence – including your own body.

The amazing gift that we all have as human beings is the ability to exert conscious control over our emotions, which are also just another form of vibrating energy.

So, if everything is energy, and we can control the vibration of our energy, then we can use the Law of Attraction to bring into our existence only the vibrations that we wish to have – including those that are consistent with vibrant, long-term health.

The thing to realize in order to excel at this process is that although you will probably attract people and circumstances that will be a part of your good health, it will always and only be the vibrations of your own body that ultimately manifest health or illness into your existence.

For example, it is a common understanding that mental stress causes negative physiological responses in your body, and likewise, you can create positive physiological responses by experiencing emotions that you perceive to be happy, uplifting, nurturing, etc.

In short, by consciously being aware of your vibratory frequency, you then become a conscious creator of good health by only sending out vibrations that are consistent with good health. Here are the 3 steps for doing so:

1) Identify specifically what you want. What is good health? What does that look like in your mind’s eye? You can’t just put a vague intention out there that you want “good health” without identifying exactly what that means to you.

That would be like giving someone $50,000 and telling them to go buy you a new car. Without knowing the make, model, color, etc., that you wanted, there us no telling what kind of car you would end up with!

So, if you want to lose weight, you would define how much weight you want to lose.

If you want to be free of arthritis, then your goal would be to live pain free, or to be able to do whatever it is that your arthritis is keeping you from doing.

If your goal was to heal a damaged or diseased part of your body, then again you would need to define what “answer” you are looking for, such as being free of cancer, having full use of an injured leg, breathing freely without the labor of asthma attacks, etc.

2) Focus on your desired end result. ONLY focus on the end result! This is a common mistake that people make with the Law of Attraction, regardless of what they are wanting to manifest.

You have to free yourself of the incorrect belief that you need to be able to see HOW you are going to get whatever it is that you want, and focus only on the end result instead.

If you have a serious medical condition or if you have never had success at losing weight, then it is not possible for you to “see” the path that will take you to your desired end result.

Some of your solution may be in actually changing the vibratory frequencies of the cells in your body. Part of the solution may come in the form of a new medicine, technology, or artificial replacements for damaged tissues – there is no way to know for sure.

It is simply not possible for you see the straight line between your condition and the solution. If you focus on trying to see a line that it is not possible for you to see, you will meet with very limited success, if any success at all.

3) Take action. This may seem like “standard” information for anyone who has ever gotten involved in any sort of self improvement program, but it is standard information for a reason – it’s a necessary part of the process!

When it comes to using the Law of Attraction for health, this step is just as important. Again, by realizing that it is not possible for you to see the entire journey that is going to take you from where you are now to the level of health that you desire, this step becomes even more critical.

As the Universe lines up both the internal forces as well as the external forces that are going to marshal together for the benefit of your health, your job is to take whatever action you are inspired to take.

Most people would say that getting enough exercise is a good health practice, and that eating nutritious food is also part of the process.

For specific disease or injury situations, there will also likely be some well-known or doctor prescribed practices that could be part of your solution.

However, although it is possible and even likely that “standard” practices will be part of you manifesting the level of health that you want, be on the look for other things as well.

The Universe will often tap you on the shoulder to send you in a direction that doesn’t seem to make sense, but that will ultimately lead you down a path that will take you to your desires. See ‘Did you Feel that Tapping?‘ for more information on that concept.

In closing, the takeaway idea that you need to remember is that using the Law of Attraction for health purposes is just like using it for anything else.

You have to decide exactly what you want, focus frequently on the feeling of having it, and then take action consistently over the course of time whenever you are inspired to do so.

That is the winning equation for any situation, and now you know that you can also apply those principles in order to live a long, healthy life!

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