An Impartial Review Of the Dare To Be Rich System


PositivitySpace is a new website that just launched on October 5th, 2007. It claims to be the one-stop-shop for all things to do with consciously creating a life of wealth and abundance, and the site features the tagline:

“Dare To Be Rich in All Areas of Your Life!”

When I was approached by the site creator, Gary Evans, and asked to share the site with my readers, I promised him that I would check it out and do an honest review of the site to let people know if it is really all that it claims to be.

I certainly found the site to have plenty of value, and when I do a product review my goal is just to report the facts, and then let the reader decide if the product is worth their time or their money.

So, without any further ado, here is a brief overview of each of the major sections of PositivitySpace, and I will include some closing thoughts at the end.

Positivity Space - Dare to Be Rich!

1) PositivitySpace Downloads

Definitely an extremely valuable area of the site. With over 100 eBooks and audio files that members have unlimited access to, there will be no excuse for not having enough education!

The content consists of dozens of incredible and classic books available for instant download in eBook format, as well as other books by authors that the personal development/self improvement community will recognize. In addition, there are many original audio files that cover an entire host of subjects, and the entire download area is divided up by subject matter so you can go right to the information that you are looking for.

The downloads area is available immediately to all members as soon as they sign up, including members who take advantage of the $1 membership special that Gary has going on during the launch.

2) Book and Movie Reviews

I liked this area of the site as well. The review area is divided up between books and movies so that you only need to go through the type of media that you are interested in.

Once in the book or movie review section, all of the material that is reviewed has some significance to wealth, abundance, conscious creation, success, etc. Also, what I really liked about this section is that the members can review every title that is listed. Rather than reading a biased review by one or two people, every member can go in and review a book or a movie, and also leave a rating for that title. That really helps to keep the system honest and gives people impartial data they can use to decide on their interest level in that title.

Also, members who want to be very active in the PositivitySpace community will like the fact that whenever they review a title, a link is automatically added back to their profile. This helps them gain exposure with both active site members, as well as “lurkers”.

3) Manifestations

Having my own site that is based around the magic of manifesting, I definitely saw value in this area of the site.

Basically, members can go here to share their manifesting success stories. It is a chance for us adults to play “show and tell” by sharing with others what we have accomplishmented via our efforts.

In addition to the obvious educational and confidence-building aspects of this area of the site, the peer-review system is also in place here. PositivitySpace members can read each others manifestations and rate them. I like that idea because most people are short on time, so they’ll skip right to the manifestations that have the most implied value.

4) PositivitySpace Forum

Over at PDP I have seen that the forum environment is massively popular, even when other bells and whistles are available to site members. Apparently, people like to talk!

Well, at a site like PositivitySpace, there is certainly plenty of information to be shared between the members, and the forum section seems very easy to use and navigate. Frequent forum/message board users will recognize the common format.

The site literally just launched as I am typing this, so the conversations haven’t taken off full-steam yet, but again deferring to my experience with PDP, I’m sure that they will in no time!

5) Articles

If you are dying to get your hands on a lot of in-depth content about creating success, this is the place to do it. The articles section is divided up into 2 content-packed sections: Exclusive Articles and Guest Articles.

The exclusive articles I believe were all written by site founder Gary Evans, and the guest articles are written by various other professionals, all of whom can be reached via a link to their website that is included at the bottom of each article.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but in addition to the loads of great content in this area, I am once again drawn to the simple to use peer review system.  You can submit a rating for any article and/or a comment about it. In addition, all of the commenting areas on the site have simple to use buttons for adding colors, pictures, etc. to your comments.

6) Time Management

This is a very exclusive feature of the PositivitySpace website, and one that I was fairly impressed with.

Basically, the time management system is a downloadable document that you can easily customize for your own time management needs, or you can let Gary do all of the work for you by downloading and installing monthly time management forms.

The system itself is based off of some pretty fancy manipulating of Microsoft Excel, and having doctored up a few spreadsheets in my day, I can appreciate the work that must have gone into that system. Also, it comes with a complete User Guide, so you don’t have to be an Excel wiz-kid to use it.

7) Success Mindset Interviews

Another exclusive feature of the PositivitySpace website is an on-going series of interviews with people who have successfully applied the type of concepts that PositivitySpace members will be learning about and using in their own lives.

Personally, I am a big fan of interviews because they give you a real-world overview of how someone has accomplished something. Books and movies are great, and the good ones can be a part of the process, but I also like to hear from a living, breathing person who has actually “pulled it off”.

The first monthly interview has already been posted to the site, and more will be added each month. The October interview is with Dean Shainin, someone who went from $35,000 in debt to running an Internet business worth over $100,000.

8)  PositivitySpace Training

One thing that I really like about this site is that it isn’t just made up of “fluff” content that is available elsewhere. There is plenty of original material, and the training section of the site is an example of that.

This section is made up of 100% original training videos put together by Gary, and new material is added every month. The present videos are all centered around practical, real-world ways to utilize the Law of Attraction in order to identify and bring into your life the things that you desire.

Gary uses the term “deliberate creation” which is a term that I think people should intern
alize. If you don’t deliberately create your life, then you just attract a “default” life that will most probably not be to your liking!

9) Private Messaging

A “mainstay” of any community-based website, PositivitySpace lets you stay in contact with other members via private messaging, or “PM” for short.

Private messaging is a great alternative to email as a way to communicate with people. Since most of us already have more email than we need, this is a great feature to stay in touch without adding to the email burden.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am fairly impressed. Gary has done a great job of bringing together an absolute plethora of great success-related content, yet his website offers that content in a way that is not overwhelming or confusing in any way.

In fact, I would say that the biggest problem with PositivitySpace is that there is so much great info already on the site that it will take you awhile to get through it all. However, that isn’t to say that you shouldn’t do exactly that!

I remember back when I was a personal trainer, there was a site very similar to this that was made specifically for people who were in the health and fitness industry. It took me over a week after joining the site to read/listen to all of the content, but by the time I was finished, I was armed to the teeth with new ideas!

As I indicated earlier, Gary has recognized that people tend to fall into the “I’ll believe it when I see it” category, so he has temporarily set up a $1 membership that buys you 7 days to tear the site apart and access all of the content that is there.

I definitely recommend that you check out the site and make your own informed decision about whether or not you see enough value in it to stick around for awhile.

p.s. – In my personal opinion, Gary’s sales copy on the information page for PositivitySpace is a little over the top (sorry, Gary!), but as with all products, it is the content that matters, and PositivitySpace has plenty of that!

Positivity Space - Dare to Be Rich!

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