CCSS: The Simple Secret to Empowerment

There is a simple, yet incredibly powerful mindset that you can literally base your entire life upon, and the Living by Design blog coined it with the phrase “Make Like a Mountain”.

Click on over there to learn the specifics of the grounding technique they describe, but here at Today is that Day I want to talk about the massively empowering concept. You can – and should – live your life by “making like a mountain” using the CCSS point of view:

Be calm. Be centered. Be still. Be strong.

This concept resonates with me for 2 reasons. One of them is the concept itself, while the other is the innumerable times that I come across people who could instantly “fix” their lives if they would learn how to ground themselves in this manner.

Each of us is the center of our own Universe. When someone says to you, “What, does the universe revolve around what YOU want?” you should reply with an emphatic, Yes! It does!

I don’t care if you are the lowliest amoeba on the germ scale, or if you are the ruler of an entire continent, your size or your perceived “influence” have nothing to do with it. Every living organism is – and always has been – the center of its own Universe.

Yet, despite that fact, people are still allowing other people and the circumstances of their lives to dictate their happiness.

No one holds that power over you!!

No one can make you happy. No one can make you sad. No one can make you rich. No one can make you poor.

There is not a soul on this planet who can control your reaction to the things that they say or the things that they do. YOU are the only one who has the power to do that.

  • If you are pining away for some romantic interest who isn’t returning the favor, you are the only reason that you are miserable over that.
  • If you hate your job and think that your boss is out to get you, whether your job is lame or whether your boss is a jerk are completely irrelevant. You are the only one who can have a negative reaction to that situation.
  • If you are overweight and have low self-esteem as a result, it is your reaction to being overweight that you do not like. The fact that you ARE overweight doesn’t matter in the least.

In each of these cases, your emotional reaction is the only thing that you can control 100% of the time, which also means that if you are not enjoying that emotional response, you are 100% responsible for that as well.

  • There are people all over the world who have an unresolved romantic interest, an ex-lover who has fled the scene, or some other intimate desire that is not being fulfilled.
  • There are scores of people who are in career situations that would be considered by most to be “negative”.
  • There are certainly plenty of people in the world who are overweight.

However, in each and every one of those cases, there are people who are miserable about the situation, and there are also people who are living happy and fulfilling lives despite the situation.

Are the happy and fulfilled people “special” and that allows them to be happy and fulfilled despite having the exact same circumstances as the people who are miserable?

Nope! The happy and fulfilled people have simply learned how to “make like a mountain”.

They realize that they are the centers of their world, and that as they become still, the world will literally revolve around them.

Be calm, Be centered, Be still, and Be strong. Make life come to you. You HAVE that power.They realize that by remaining calm and that by staying strong, the world will do what it is going to do anyway, and they will only be as affected by those happenings as they choose to be.

If you want to become your life, then learn how to make like a mountain:

Become calm, be centered, be still, and be strong, and make life come to you.

You have that power.


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