How to Make Money with the Law of Attraction and Conscious Creation

Since many people seem to think that this whole “law of attraction thing” is just about making money anyway, I thought that I would clear the air on how the Law of Attraction relates to actual financial success.

There are certainly people who want to believe that they can use the power of positive thinking to manifest some cold hard cash, and having a positive attitude is certainly a step in the right direction.

However, positive thinking alone will not manifest financial success, nor will the Law of Attraction.

Let’s compare the Law of Attraction to the Law of Gravity.

If you stand on top of a tall building and drop a rock over the edge, that rock will surely fall to the ground. However, did the Law of Gravity make you drop the rock to begin with?

The answer, of course, is No. The Law of Gravity is simply the tool that you used to get your rock from the top of the building down to the ground.

The Law of Attraction works the same way when it comes to making money. Let’s rephrase that same question, inputting our money and LOA variables:

If you properly use the principles of conscious creation to manifest the circumstances needed to attain financial success, you will certainly attain said success.

However, the Law of Attraction did not create the financial success for you.

The Law of Attraction in this instance is simply a tool, like the Law of Gravity was a tool in the previous example.

Using the LOA as a tool for attaining financial success means just that – using it as a tool. In this case, you are using the tool to manifest the circumstances that will create the wealth, not the wealth itself.

People who think that they can magically manifest piles of cash by simply sitting around thinking about it will quickly find themselves in the poor house.

Your ticket out of that poor house is not to focus on the green stuff and then just sit around and wait. Rather, your ticket to success is to focus on what you want and then be on the lookout for the circumstances that you manifested as a result of that focus.

Normally this will come in the form of a burst of inspiration for you to take some sort of action. That action might be something obvious like making a wise financial investment, or it may be something that seems completely unrelated to your financial goal.

Perhaps you will be inspired to attend a social event that you otherwise might not have gone to, and at the event you end up hooking up with a new business partner, or a mentor who helps you get from the poor house to the rich house.

You might be inspired to take up a hobby that will actually cost you money up front, but then eventually snowballs into a wildly successful business. Don’t believe me? There are people right now making large sums of money off of making purses and clothing out of recycled juice boxes and other containers. Anything is possible!

How to Make Money with the Law of Attraction

Okay, so you are willing to believe that it is at least possible to make money with the Law of Attraction, but how does one go about doing it?

The same way that one goes about doing anything else with the Law of Attraction – with feeling!

It is always about consciously creating the feeling of having the success that you want to have. If you focus on trying to come up with a plan or a scheme for getting rich, you might be waiting for awhile.

However, by simply focusing on already feeling like you have attained success, that is when you will find the inspired action that was discussed earlier. I’ll give you an example straight from my own life:

I have several primary goals, and I can tell you right now that they aren’t cheap. To attain my goals in life, I need cash, and a lot of it. Not because money makes me happy, because it doesn’t. However, money buys me freedom, which does make me happy.

So, in order to manifest that money, I focus on a daily basis on the feelings of already having achieved the success that I want to achieve:

  • I visualize my goals, and all the while I am visualizing them as if they have already happened, and I am simply standing there in a glow of perpetual happiness and success.
  • I affirm my success daily by using phrases such as “Money comes to me easily and frequently,” and “Since I live on the beach, I can…”
  • I am true to who I am as an individual, and I experience an inordinate amount of pleasure on a daily basis just by doing so!

Do any of those systems cause financial success to land on my desktop in one lump sum, causing me to instantly grab my horse and ride off into the sunset, living happily ever after? Nope!

However, the cumulative effect of doing all of those things on a daily basis causes me to feel good, to feel happy, and to feel successful.

As a result, I literally have more ideas for making money come to me than I could possibly take action on. I use EverNote to keep track of all of the ideas that I manifest, and let’s just say that my copy of EverNote is in need of a vacation… 🙂

So, is there some magical, rub a lamp and out pops the genie way of making money with the Law of Attraction? No. However, here’s the truth of the matter, and you would be wise to take this fact to heart:

You are the Genie.

Better yet, you are a genie with no golden shackles or a 3-wish limit. You can have, do, or be anything, and the secret to it all is feeling like you already have it.

Questions, comments? Let me know in the comments section below. Or, better yet, just take 30 days and consistently focus on the positive feelings of already having what you want, and then jump for joy as you revel in the success that you created.


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