See How Easy it is to Make a Million Dollars?

If someone were to ask you if it was possible for you to make a million dollars in just over 3 months, would you believe it could be done?

Internet Millionaire

Check out the following story swiped from an email I received from my friend Namaste:

“Michelle Goering of Vancouver, British Columbia, read the book THE ONE MINUTE MILLIONAIRE in December of 2005. The book is co-authored by Mark Victor Hansen who co-created the Chicken Soup For The Soul series. She was excited about the idea of making an enlightened million and a few weeks later, on January 12, she formed a team that met together for the first time. They called themselves (ok this is cheesy but it worked) the MillionHares. It took four weeks of incubation for them to come up with a GREAT IDEA. By February 16 they were testing and marketing the idea. By March 11 they had found a buyer for their idea and negotiated a seven-figure contract. Michelle went from idea to payday in 99 days!”

Michelle certainly made it possible to make a cool million in a very short period of time. Is Michelle’s story a rare occasion? Sure it is. Bob Proctor – a man who has been studying and creating wealth for more than 40 years – says that only about 1% of the population of this planet control around 96% of the wealth. So, yes, Michelle’s story is rare, but that is actually the entire point that I want to make. Michelle is one of the rare people who will ultimately fit into that very small 1%. Her success story is rare, but only because we believe those type of stories to be rare! If I had started out this post by asking if it was possible to make a million dollars, most people would have said Yes. The world has plenty of people who have made a million dollars or more in their lifetime. It was the question of whether or not that million dollars could be made in 3 months that threw you for a loop and kicked your “I don’t believe it” engine into overdrive. If I may quote the sage wisdom of the mighty Yoda:

“THAT is why you fail.”

You see, our beliefs power our very existence, and it does not matter if your beliefs are steeped in poverty, or abundance. Whatever you believe is the truth IS the truth, simply because you believe it. The question of whether or not it is possible to make a million dollars elicits a completely different instinctive response than the question of whether or not it is possible to make a million dollars in only 3 months. As long as you continue to allow your beliefs about health, wealth, and happiness to be limited, your results will directly correspond to those belief limitations. If I may once again quote a great teacher, this time a living, breathing human, Dr. Michael Beckwith from the movie ‘The Secret’:

“We are Unlimited beings!”

Our beliefs power our very existence. Whatever you believe is the IS the truth, simple BECAUSE you believe it.So, the only question that you have to ask yourself is if you are going to continue to be shocked when confronted with something as staggering as making a million dollars in 3 months, or if your gut reaction will be something more along the lines of “I don’t need 3 months. I’ll do it in 2!”

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