Self Improvement and Law of Attraction Link Love, Volume 5

This is Volume 5 of the Self Improvement and Law of Attraction Link Love series.

This series will be published weekly and will be comprised of links to quality blog posts that have proven to be extraordinary in their ability to assist, inform, or empower the reader. Enjoy!

1) Steve OlsonThe Truth About Oprah Winfrey – The Secret – and PovertyIf you read nothing else on this page, read this post! Steve lays it down like it really is, and I got up and gave him a mental standing ovation after reading this post, which clearly came from the heart!

2) Creating Passionate UsersToo many companies are like bad marriages – Whether you own a business, or just want to keep your relationships on the right track, this is a down-to-earth must read.

3) The Positivity BlogOne Easy Way to Remember Someone´s Name – For many people, their brain deals in images better than in words, and this simple lifehack is a great way to take advantage of that fact.

4) Practical Personal DevelopmentBecoming An Outstanding Person | Silence – Week 2 of 12 – Turns out that the phrase “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” has real merit, and Alex brings it home in a short, but informative manner.

5) Seth GodinWhere do you park? – Once again with Seth, this is geared more towards businesses, but I very much see how his concept of which type of attitude to have can apply to every single situation that we find ourselves in. Also, it’s a quick read.

6) Live the Power Lucky – Karen cranks out some SERIOUS wisdom about just who is holding your lucky charm.

7) Shards of ConsciousnessWhat will I do later? – Excellent observations about exactly which timeframe you should be focusing on to achieve success. Care to take a guess before you read the post? Also, be sure to catch the “snifty” name!

8) Success from the NestDistractions Speak Louder Than Words – This is great stuff that I have been telling people for a long time. Be prepared to work and focus, but be just as prepared NOT to!

9)  Successful and Outstanding BloggersTime to Spend and to Save – Liz does a great job of capturing a beautiful concept in a short amount of time. Be sure to catch the last line right before her signature…

10) Live the PowerLessons in Visualization – I know that we already heard from Karen at Live the Power, but this post of hers was too good to pass up. She clearly shows the power of visualization when considering it as a path to your future, not a chore to be done today. If you visualize – and you should – read this post!

Okay, that’s it for this week, and once again, my extreme gratitude to our authors. I am both inspired by their works, and grateful for their presence!

See you next week! 


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