The Position Of Power And How To Use It


It is a foregone conclusion that each of us is 100% in charge of our lives, yet as a species we still tend to let other people dictate how we feel, how our lives progress, or how happy we are in general.

This has to stop.

You are at this moment (and you always have been) in a position of power over your life. No one can control what happens from this point forward except for you; it doesn’t matter what your present situation is. No matter who you are, or what your circumstances are, you can start right now to exercise your position of power, and you will retain that right for as long as you live.

Wow! Pretty cool, right? Okay, now what the heck does all of that mean?

In short, a position of power is simply your ability to control every single aspect of your life. However, a more situation-specific use of your position of power is where the magic really starts to happen!

Whenever you are considering any given course of action in your life, but you aren’t 100% confident that things will go your way, or that you will do the “right” thing, adopting a position of power with regards to that specific situation will put you in a frame of mind that ensures your success.


It is perfectly natural to question your level of confidence or your abilities when you are looking for a rewarding career position, but it is also completely unnecessary – if you have the right attitude.

I guarantee that no matter where you work or want to work, if you have a burning desire and intention to do everything in your power to succeed, you are already in a position to do that job 10 times better than people who have more experience than you, or who have more education.

Your desire and your intention to do a good job are far more valuable than any education, or even a gold-plated resume’. In fact, any employer that you are considering interviewing with would be lucky if you even gave them the opportunity to hire you.

That’s a position of power!

Health and Fitness

Many people who have struggled with their weight or their ability to be healthy will have very serious issues when it comes to having the confidence to achieve long-term success, or to excel in their fitness or athletic ventures.

There is nothing that you cannot do when it comes to your physical body. In fact, the physiology of the human body when it comes to weight loss or athletic success is one of the most well understood of all of the sciences.

If you have been led to believe that you can’t lose weight or become an athlete because of your genetics or because of some physical limitation, you have been lied to.

Adopt the attitude now – once and for all – that you CAN achieve success, that you WILL achieve success, and in fact, you HOPE someone tries to talk you out of it, because you’re ready to blow them out of the water with your confidence and your resolve to succeed.

That’s a position of power!


Are you trying to find that Mr. or Mrs. Right, but you think you’re not attractive, or that you’re overweight, or that you’re not smart enough, funny enough, entertaining enough, blah, blah, blah…

If you keep thinking that way, you’ll find a way to prove yourself right over and over again. You probably already have several times.

You can have anything that you want when it comes to relationship success!

Have you ever seen a guy who has a huge beer belly and bad body odor, yet he is dating one of the hottest girls in town? Have you ever seen a girl with curves in all the wrong places and really bad acne, yet she is on the arm of a guy who could be an underwear model for Calvin Klein?

Is it magic? Are those people under some sort of a spell? Are they being blackmailed or coerced?

Hardly. In those instances, the people who seem like unlikely candidates for the relationship success that they’ve achieved have simply adopted a winning attitude – they have a position of power. As far as they are concerned, Ms. Hottie and Mr. Underwear Model Guy are lucky to even get their time and attention.

That’s a position of power!

Every situation that was just described could also be reversed:

  • When it’s time for you to leave a job, not only is your present employer lucky to have gotten as much of your time as they have, but they owe you a good letter of recommendation, too! Even if you don’t deserve one, you can probably still get it if your attitude is on straight when you ask for it.
  • When it comes time for you to stand down from your position as head health nut in your neighborhood or at your gym, you have already done your bit for King and Country. Make plans to continue on your own health and fitness path; the people that you have helped are better off for having had you in their lives. In fact, they should throw you a big going away party – complete with lots of cake and ice cream!
  • When it’s time for you to leave a relationship, you aren’t getting “away” from someone that you don’t want to be with anymore. Rather, you have simply grown into a person that is no longer compatible with your previous mate. Not only are you well within your rights to take the nearest exit, but YOU will call the shots on how it all ends, not the other person.

Those are all positions of power.

Here’s the thing, though: Nothing has physically changed in any of the situations described above. In most cases, you will not be any smarter, cuter, richer, more educated, more evolved, or more experienced than you were when you started.

However, your mind is in the right place now, and your mind is what controls how you feel, what you say, and what you do.

How cool is it that by simply changing your mind, you can change your life?

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